XTCA Art Parade

The XTCA Art Parade physically reimagined the North Pleasant St corridor between Kendrick Park and UMASS as a connective and celebratory space. Musicians, theater groups, performers, community groups, academic and local community members walked together in song and carrying self made art. As part of the XTCA Symposium, the Parade embodied the inquiry into the way collective creative experience and memory can catalyze the generation of a new physical and historical relationship between the Town of Amherst and UMASS Amherst.

See a photo essay by the Amherst Wire

Contributing performing artists included:

Double Edge Theatre

Brian Bender

Anna Sobel

Linda Tardif

UMASS Department of Theater’s The Lily’s Revenge

Terre Vandale

Emma Ayers

Maya Rivera

Katherine Adler
Melle Lowenthal
Callum LaFrance
Anan Eisenstein-Bond
Manda Jacobi
Sarah Marcus
Dale Leonhardt
Kyle Boatwright


Contributing XTCA commissioned visual artists included

Collective-LOK: Framing 
Rob Swainston: Free the Press 
Naomi Darling and Darrel Petit: Solar Time 
Josephine Halvorson: Tree Measure (Amherst) 
Pamela Matsuda-Dunn: Bridging Our Community 
Roberley Bell: A Visitor and One Other 
Tom Friedman: Ghost Shed 
Benjamin S. Jones: All the Time in the World 
Erika Zekos: Common Sounding 
Sarah Braman: Day Trip 
Gary Orlinsky: Gioco 
Harold Grinspoon: Family Reunion 
Joseph Kruczynski: Building Bridges


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